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Poster: Reade Date: Sep 9, 2012 9:26am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Weir performing 'Most of the Time'

Band members clearing their own path to the stage, even when unnecessary! Geez I guess these Further tours are more Rock Stars-on-a-budget type affairs than I had imagined.

As I was reading the first part of you post I kept thinking, 'I know what's coming, I know what's coming....'
It seems like there may have been other similar anecdotes to yours on these pages? but I can't remember.

Yeah, I addressed sadness and pain in my post but anger and hate in the face of crushing loss obviously is a part of the mix. It's my opinion that he might be performing this song as a kind of mantra.....

'Most of the time my head is on straight
Most of the time I'm strong enough not to hate.....

I don't cheat on myself I don't run and hide
Hide from the feelings that are buried inside
Most of the time..........'

Again none of this would have occurred to me if not for that post about his beard. I thought for years that it was just so strange the way he was sporting that thing and then I read that guy's speculation and kee-WACK! ..... had an 'Oh, OK, I got it!' moment.